Iggy Vittoria is an airbrush artist and portraitist with over 30 years of experience, based in Montreal. Vittoria, best known for his portraiture, has created his own unique style and technique that differentiates him from other artists. He enjoys creating custom designs and working on all materials that can be painted. His passion for motorcycles and cars is the reason for which working with them fascinates him. 


With an itch to create, Boss finds inspiration in music and other incredible works of art from Renaissance to Modern art. Custom designed work including portraits, names, tribal or floral designs and logos on clothing, shoes, hats, instruments, skateboards, snowboards, etc., are airbrushed free-handedly and are recommended to give your belongings a creative and personalized edge. Many already made works such as celebrity portraits, famous cartoons, and logos can be found in our online store, all which make wonderful gifts. For custom requests, do not hesitate to contact us at bossairbrush@hotmail.com for consultation.


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